The difference between Hamptons and coastal style

Want the beachy look to your home but not sure what design is for you? Are you boho chic, trendy Hamptons, classic nautical or tranquil coastal? And what does all that even mean!

We are going to dive right in and specify what these interior design styles are all about, so it is easier for you to shop the look you love.

What is Hamptons?

You may be knowledgeable about the Hamptons as the vacation haven of the rich and famous. We’re talkin’ the likes of this oh-so-dramatic and literary Serena Van Der Woodsen. (And possibly the Wayans brothers in White Chicks — classic!)

The Hamptons is a beachfront community on Long Island, characterised by beaches and hamlets, enormous houses, and garden parties thrown by New York’s elite. What a life!

Hamptons décor and design is all about that brilliance, but in a clean and contemporary way. Believe eggshell white walls, lofty ceilings and white-washed wood alongside luxury buttoned upholstery and beautiful chandeliers… In other words: simply divine.

It is a style encapsulating the relaxation of a beach house, but dolled up with luxury finishes. It is the best of both worlds. If you wish to emphasise the ‘chic’ in coastal chic, go for the Hamptons look.

What is Coastal?

Coastal is such a general term. It describes everything we love about sunny summer days and does not care if you track sand throughout the home. Coastal is made for living in. Coastal is chill.

It is the relaxed, boho-hippie small sister of Hamptons style. Contrary to Hamptons, coastal is much more of a feeling than only a style inspired by location.

Coastal style signifies a simple colour palette working with sea and sand hues, natural textures such as shell, rope and rattan, and the raw, un-finished allure of reclaimed timber.

A tiny nautical-navy blue, a small white-washed timber… coastal is as beachy as you would like it to be! It’s flexible and modern, allowing for a whole lot more individual character than classic Hamptons.

3 Design Tips for a Hamptons Home

If the south-island elegance of the Hamptons is calling your name, follow these vital tips:

  1. Paint it white

Begin with a pure white or off-white foundation and build from there. Hamptons design is all about clean neutrals, and layering with lighter colours and textures. Do not be afraid to go white-on-white with Hamptons!

  1. Work with natural feel

Just because it is luxe, does not mean Hamptons should forgo charm and texture. Add choice pieces that showcase natural, coastal appeal: jute rugs, linen throws, and buttoned cushions are best for bringing a softer touch to your area.

  1. Introduce upholstered pieces

Go glamorous on your furniture staples, such as couches and armchairs or your bedhead. Upholstery with button-back design is timeless and on-trend with Hamptons design; ideal for bettering the everyday coastal look.

3 Design Tips for a Coastal Home

Create a cool, calm home harbour for yourself with these quick tips for a modern coastal appearance:

  1. Balance your blues

Normal coastal style signifies a palette of blues, from heavy navy colours to marine tones and pops of aqua or powder blue. But do not go over the top. Keep it natural.

  1. Collect unique décor accents

Shells and tumbleweeds can provide natural character to your décor. Have a stroll along the beach and see what beauties you can find! For bigger furniture, opt for reclaimed timbers for one-of-a-kind charm.

  1. Let in organic light

Throw back the curtains and open the windows! The coastal life was designed to be lived fully so adopt the freshness of the outside world. Adding string lights or candles also add boho-bonfire ambience once the sun goes down.

So there you have it, some great tips to achieving the exact beach theme décor you’re after in your home, whether you want the glamour and glitz or would prefer a laidback and relaxed feel.