Wire Mesh For The Interiors

The industrial interior design revolution has changed wire mesh from a functional product into a fashionable interior design trend. Designers of contemporary commercial, retail and residential spaces adore the repercussions of wire mesh and its absolute versatility. When it’s used as a space divider, stairs balustrade or to throw fresh light on inside ambiance, wire mesh interiors ideas are endless.

And when coupled with warmer weather, natural attributes like hardwood, wire mesh actually shows its mettle. Designers are stepping outside the box and utilizing welded wire mesh as a focal point on the exteriors.

Metal is often earmarked for outside use, often being overlooked for insides by wood and plasters. Nevertheless, the diversity and flexibility of metal can supply an industrial styling that’s the envy of modern architects and designers alike.

Nowadays, wire mesh and its cousin the perforated architectural panel is among the building materials architects are looking for when doing interior design projects. By being utilized as a security barrier between floors in the John Wardle Architects and NADAAA-designed Melbourne School of Design, to canopies that refuge and make a’moiré’ impact for a neighborhood library, and also to diversify the perspectives and rhythm of a student housing project in Paris, both architectural mesh and perforated panels could be used for a broad selection of design applications, such as on facades, though it remains an “underutilised” substance when compared to big guns like real steel and brick.

The attractiveness of this Bespoke metal panels to your wall liner is its capability to make beautiful lighting effects made to dazzle.

We believe it’s only right to provide this construction material a respectful appearance and discuss a few of their very amazing wall linings made from metal panels from all over the world.


Aoba-tei Restaurant is a French restaurant situated in Sendai, Japan and has been created by Hitoshi Abe built in 2005. Its internal walls are made from thin steel plates to operate around the idea of “soft border surface”

2. Kaufmann Stadium — Kansas

The renovation to your Kaufman Stadium in Kansas was directed by Popoulus architects, effectively utilizing stainless steel wire mesh panels to make the Royals emblem on its surface. Steel panels are placed around the whole construction developing a mesh-like façade (at the same time providing controlled light and air flow) and adds into the decorative value of the general design.

3. Morocco Theater — Casablanca

The Morocco Mall located in Casablanca includes a dome that is made from perforated metallic sheets. The metallic sheets were treated and stabilized to give it a “bronze appearance.”

4. National Automobile Museum — Turin

The Museo Nazionale dell’ Automobile was set in 1960 but has been renovated in 2011, with a completely different appearance from its initial state. Produced by Cino Zucci Architetti, Recchi Engineering, and Proger, the whole building is clad in panels of stainless glass and steel.

5. Pratt Institute Of Architecture — New York

The Film and Video Department of the Pratt Institute of Architecture situated at Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn was made by a team headed by Architect Jack Esterson using a collection of perforated metal panels which cover the whole lobby up into the second and first floors.


The very old building that is located in Saint-Avertin, France made use of perforated metals as a façade. The mix of the old and the new, the timber and metal elements, give the design an industrial look, which has been on trend for several years now. For another example of an interior with a great industrial look, take a look at the Henry Jones Art Hotel located in Hobart, Tasmania.


This office building in California made by Design Blitz makes use of perforated steel panel because of its ability to enable different shadow lighting.

8. Wayside Chapel, Sydney

Produced by a famous green architecture firm, Environa Studio, the redevelopment of the Sydney iconic building Includes a bespoke steel mesh exterior that highlights the ethos that love will trump over hate.

The developers worked closely with the designers to integrate the Wayside crest to the panels. The result was a tribute to the imaginative ability of the architect and the benevolence of the Wayside Chapel establishment in its efforts for the disadvantaged in the community.

However, it’s very important to choose the ideal sort of metal mesh to your own project. Not every wire net and perforated range available on the industry is interchangeable or perhaps acceptable for many programs. For example, having a stainless steel merchandise close to the sea or saltwater could be “a nightmare”. This is why you don’t see too much of architectural stainless steel building features among the list of available accommodation buildings along Hobart Waterfront. Also, utilizing a net that’s too ‘open’ to get a car park can result in a lot of automobile headlights flashing across local residential towers.

Other elements to think about prior to specification include website access — if the item is easily installed or whether it is going to require cranes — and also the way the materials will endure. Stainless steel wire mesh panels, for example, rely upon powder coatings or paint to protect them from the elements, whereas stainless steel demands fresh water to wash off the additives and glutens onto a building to stop tea-staining, a brownish surface rust commonly found in coastal software or moist locations. Aluminum oxidizes obviously unless it’s anodized or powder coated and polycarbonate overly ages or discolors eventually.