Your Art Exhibition Checklist

This is a checklist of things you will need to consider when putting in your art show. If you take some time to prepare up front your display will come across as slick, well organised, and professional, which then gives prospective buyers of your artwork confidence.

Getting your art ready for the series

  • Photograph your art work. Once it gets bought then you may never see it again!
  • Frame your art if required. Allow a lot of time for your image framer to perform a high quality job.
  • Make certain all your artworks are acceptable for hanging or display with strings and D-rings attached.
  • Wrap your own artworks up ready for transport. Purchase bubble wrap in bulk lots from a packaging wholesaler or supplier. Don’t buy modest rolls from your office provider, or you may pay too much.
  • Blankets are an affordable option but not as neat.
  • Organize a truck, hatchback or station wagon to transport your functions.
  • Certificates of Authenticity. Create one for each artwork. Have a unique rubber stamp made up to use with the certification. It looks great and buyers love them.


  • Consider bringing in different companies to sponsor your own exhibition.
  • Contain them prominently in your exhibition catalog.
  • Request businesses to host lucky door prizes.
  • Be sure you mention that the patrons clearly for every prize draw they host.
  • You might even have the ability to find sponsorship for catering.
  • Organize goodie bags for every exhibition attendee containing sponsor leaflets, any freebies along with your business card.

Organize a photographer

  • Organize a movie camera operator
  • Contact media photographers and ask them to come along

Hanging your display

  • Quantify the exhibition space and plan how you’ll hang you artworks.
  • Does the space need extra decorating in some way to give it extra pizazz?
  • Be sure that you have hanging equipment acceptable for the space you’ll be displaying in. You might need to research the space closely to work out how you’ll hang the works if it is not a gallery with integrated rails.
  • In certain spaces without apparent wall hanging chances you might need to employ in racks from an exhibition hire company.
  • When you send your artworks into the place, lean them against the wall right underneath where you’ll be hanging them, so that you can get a feel for the design and your hanging supporters will find a clearer idea about what they’re doing.

The Entertainment

  • What nibbles will you supply, perhaps some food from a fresh food store for healthier clients?
  • What beverages will you provide? Don’t forget to provide both soft and alcoholic drinks.
  • Hire in professional caterers, if your Art exhibition will be in Melbourne, there are some fantastic suburbs which do catering, such as catering in Hawthorn in case you have not got time to do it yourself.
  • Hire expert wait staff or find some friends in to help with serving.
  • Do you want musicians, a DJ or at least someone to alter a carefully chosen CD once in a while?



  • Produce lables for each artwork containing the name, price, size and medium.
  • Attempt to have artworks priced in a variety of ranges, so that everybody has an opportunity to purchase something.
  • Get some red stickers for artworks sold at the evening.
  • Attempt to have some artworks in which are hanging but have been presold before the opening night with red dots on them. It gives people confidence and motivates them to buy.
  • Appoint sales assistants and let them understand how to process sales

establish a system for receipting. This could be as straightforward as a carbon copy receipt book.

  • Keep details of all costs handy to your sales assistant.
  • Have a till or cash tin and keep it secure
  • Provide credit card processing centers in case you’re able to. Individuals are more likely to impulse buy if they could whack it in their charge card. If you are seriously interested in this business then you need to organize a merchant account with a bank so that you can process credit cards.
  • Be ready to offer packaging and shipping costs. Some people don’t buy unless they know these things ahead. Your cargo company should be able to offer a table.

Your confidence will inform the prospective buyer that your art is worth what you’re asking. Do not forget to thank everybody who was personally involved in helping to put on your display.